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  • Jaime Watrob

Best Platform by Industry

Which are the best website design platforms?

In my humble opinion, there are 2 front runners depending on if you are service based or e-commerce business.

There are so many options available; it can feel overwhelming choosing the right platform for your business' website. Having worked in several, I have narrowed down my top 2. Squarespace for service based businesses and Shopify for e-commerce or product based businesses.

Read below for a very high level overview of why I like these platforms best. I will drill down in a future blog post on each platform in more detail so stay tuned.

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Squarespace is my #1 for service based business owners for many reasons but I will keep it high level so as not to geek out!

Here are the main reasons why I recommend Squarespace:

  • Ability to create a unique, semi-custom website-you cannot directly edit the HTML code in Squarespace but can over-ride it with CSS or simply use their drag and drop fluid engine to design your website.

  • Easy for the client to make edits post designer hand-off saving business owners time and cost (no need to hire a designer) when they need to make minor changes to their website.

  • Robust one-stop shop for managing email marketing and creating emails that are on-brand for your business.

  • Squarespace owns Acuity scheduling which is an awesome system for those requiring online appointment booking like yoga studios, photographers and consultants.

  • Affordable-of course the more bells and whistles you add the higher the cost but Squarespace plans start as low as $16/month. Plus, I am able to offer my clients a 20% discount through my membership in Squarespace Circle.


Shopify is made for e-commerce businesses and e-commerce businesses alone. It is the most robust option available with multiple apps (some free) and integrations making it affordable and the complete package for e-commerce businesses.

Here are the reasons I recommend Shopify:

  • Many theme options available with the ability to customize specifically for your business to stand out from the competition.

  • Built to function as an e-commerce website platform.

  • Ability to easily scale your website as you grow.

  • Create custom product page templates once and use again and again.

  • Ability to directly access and edit the theme code if you have the skills or hire a designer to level-up your website with the ability to continue adding new products yourself post design (thank you custom product pages that are easy to duplicate).

Again, everything I have shared is very high level. There are many more reasons to love these 2 platforms depending on your type of business. I have found these to be the most user friendly for clients post professional design as well. This huge for a business owner needing to make regular site updates and not wanting to pay a designer every time they need to add product or tweak their service offer.

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